Microsoft Office 2010

Finally after we received the Announcement on Public Disclosure

The Office 2010 clients have been publicly disclosed and are not under a confidentiality obligation.  You are free to talk about the Office 2010 client build as you wish.

Please remember that the builds you have received are for your use only. Please do not share these builds.

… I felt relief that finally after months of in wrap, finally we can talk about it to the public. We’ve been like debating about Non-Disclosure Agreement for weeks… lol… Here it is Office 2010:


What you will notice upon starting up is that, the splash window is animated. Actually in a quick glance, there was not really much change. If you are familiar with Office 2007, you won’t have any problem with Office 2010.


However upon inspecting it, there are few features removed from Office 2007. These changes mostly in Outlook. More interesting features it Backstage, which allows you to change the info of that document, e.g. permission etc.


Visualization also improve in Office 2010, so you can you cool visual effect effortlessly.

Few more stuff to come is accessing you work across different devices and platform; say laptop, desktop, smartphones, and web browser. Plus all the free stuff you will get. Everything still under wrap… so just wait and see. We still a bit scare to tell much about it until there is this big green light from Microsoft.

To conclude here are the main stuff in Office 2010:

  • Improve Licensing and Volume Activation
  • 64bit supported natively
  • Application Virtualization – for enterprise App-V 4.5 is required
  • There are huge improvement in Security Changes, which got new controls provide countermeasures for hardening and reducing the attack surface and mitigating exploits
  • Office Customization Tool which can be use for the installation

More info about Microsoft Office 2010 can be find here:

If you need whitepapers or documents about Office 2010, please do let me know as I think I can share it.

New 2009 Live Essential & Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8064.206

This evening I received an e-mail from the reader asking for standalone installation of the new Live Essential 2009. Apparently his Windows Live Messenger need update and it won’t login until he download the new installation.

Mmm… isn’t it they released the new one somewhere on January before, and now some more update?


Anyway, you can get the new version at: or direct download the 133mb+ standalone installation here:

Hope that helpful for you.

Windows Mobile 6.5

I guess everyone knows I purchased SonyEricsson Xperia X1 last year. But as usual I still in doubt, until I brought it overseas. Its very very useful. Everything are in there… video call, gps, camera, video recorder, media player, internet,… everything work as out of the box… I don’t want to give any bias opinion so you can have a  read about the review here


But this post is not about Xperia. Its about  Windows Mobile 6.5. Before I start, I just want to let you know that there are 4 parts of the story here. I also not going to give you download link or specific steps on how to do it, since I don’t know whether its legal or not. But, buzz me and I’ll let you know where to go.

The parts are:

  1. Don’t use SonyEricsson Update Services yet.
  2. Upgrade to Xperia R2A Firmware.
  3. Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5.
  4. Revert back to Windows Mobile 6.1.

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Watch only that video region and block others

image image

I often watch video off the Internet from the webpage itself – e.g. Hulu and YouTube. Sometimes while watching it I got distracted off the wording and advertisement. I know its not a bigger deal but sometimes I just want to watch that small box of video, nothing else.

Thats to Zorro this is possible. Just run Zorro, resize its window according to the video you want to watch, press ESC. Everything on the screen will become black except that define region. Zorro (