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I’ve been using MSE for almost 4 months now. I used to have Microsoft Live One Care and  installed it to 3 of my computers. It is one of the best subscription service that I ever paid. Period. However due to the decision made by Microsoft of discontinue it, I was invited to test “Morro” – a codename for MSE.

Unlike MLOC, MSE only focus on antivirus and malware. I guess Windows 7 comes with a more improve firewall and backup solution that they don’t have to focus much on that features.

Surprisingly, there is no annoying thing about MSE. Yea its going to be free, but I can’t find any problem with it. It works in the background. Light weight as if you don’t have anything running. Sometimes I check it just in case it is running.

As for the updates, so far I don’t encounter any error like what MLOC did. They update it almost everyday to once a week. MSE still in beta though.

But no worries, I got an e-mail by the team saying that they going to release the final version to the public in the coming weeks.

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Due to some server changes recently, we have replicate (and sync) this blog from various locations. In addition to that this site also maintained by 4 different Name Servers that host domain Recent unavailability of this site only notice few minutes ago after the team at received an alert from their system. Further investigation turn out because of non-existence of Host records in DNS. This problem was fixed and it is not due to any hacking attempt. Cheers!

Protect you mobile phone against virus, malware, hacker, and data loss.

Ever since I bought my first Windows Mobile phone, I’m a bit aware of viruses and data loss. I guess when it comes to any Microsoft products my awareness start to kick in due to the previous experiences. I’m not saying its not reliable, it just that better safe then sorry.

In fact viruses for mobile phone is not new. Microsoft them self also released alot of features, tools, and services to help us in a safe side. For instance, Microsoft Exchange 2007 which able to wipe your phone clean if you loss your phone. Or Microsoft My Phone, which let you backup your phone to the web and restore it later. Microsoft Live Mesh also a neat tools which let you sync you computer and phone and web or even Mac, so that you have access to all your files regardless different platform.

Now I just found the best software that can do almost all of the above and you don’t have to had Windows Mobile phone. Hello to… Flexilis []

flexilis  FireShot capture #9 - 'Flexilis Mobile Security __ Select Device Type' - beta_flexilis_com_registration_select_device_type sshot002

It support different devices. It provides firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam,backup/restore pictures-documents-videos-sounds-sms-contact-calls. 

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