What happen if you forgot your Win XP Admin Password?



This post may contain hacking and/or making use of security hole. We doesn’t condone hacking/security abuse, so proceed at your own risk.

This happen to me few weeks ago. I just forgot the administrator password for my work laptop. I even can’t remember the password for the super-user. To make situation worse, I don’t have any Password Reset Disk.

The only solution I can think of is by formatting and installing Windows XP back. Oh well, you can purchase a tools, but what’s the point if your only problem is because you forgot the password, right? Don’t tell me I have to re-build everything and install everything from scratch.

My solution is by using a cheat. Make sure you have your Windows XP CD and Product Key with you.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Its been a great, fun, and unexpected experience for me for the last 6 months. Everything changed from normal to fun & high-pace working environment. The thing is that today is my last day before I’m taking my long vacation and come back next year. When I’m back there will be some new guys, and some will not be around anymore. GOSH that just feel weird. Anyway, BlogZero’s crew is organizing a farewell hang-out night since tonight is my  last night of getting together with them.


BlogZero’s crew is missing 1 member (HearMeSay), but we are accompanied by Reason22, JacobsCrack, CocoRoche, HR_Intruder, Codename:Danny, and me (Valiant).

After a a nice dinner and a GREAT laugh at MOD, we move on to JPPG. Its still raining but we must complete our mission to hit CocoRoche at bumper car ride.

DSCF1027 DSCF1014 

While on the way to bumper car… we wait for a buggy which never arrived, then play with the gun…

DSCF1034 DSCF1052 

Our checkpoint before going to bumper car… plus other stuff… donÂ’t ask me what they’re doing…

DSCF1048 DSCF1041

This ride really makes me dizzy… probably because I was jumping here and there…

DSCF1075 DSCF1065 

Closing ceremony…. get a drink before going home



Lastly… sure this night was fun and it marks another chapter in the gang’s storyline. I do hope that we can do this again soon although most of the member is going on their on way…

  • JacobsCrack & Reason22: Please take care of my seat while I’m on leave…. I can feel if someone is using my chair…. hahaha
  • HR_Intruder: don’t forget about us and jgn lupa blanja
  • CocoRoche: APA LAGI KO MAU??? Bila kan mliat wayang ani kan? Dbawa nda jua mau
  • Codename:Danny: Jgn jara hang-out sama kami…hehehe
  • HearMeSay: mana kerupuk ku????

Peace Out everyone, Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. See Ya Next Year. Valiant 2007 OUT…