JukeFly: Stream those music

I often travel back and forth almost every week. The dilemma  is that sometimes I want to listen to certain song, just to find out that I don’t have it in my iPod. Yet, I know I have that song somewhere in my other computer at my other house. My computer always on 24/7, so I don’t mind if there is a service that can allows me to stream my music online.

Worry no more. If you got similar dilemma as I am, then you need JukeFly. Its a free service, created by 2 guys from San Jose, California. What you need to do is register, install a very (extremely) small server to your always on computer. Login, and add song to be stream. That’s it!


Let say you are away from home and want to listen to your song. Just login to http://www.jukefly.com, then you’ll see all your song there, ready to be play. No installation or whatsoever. I’ve been using it for a while now, and so far don’t have any problem, lag, or whatsoever.

JukeFly (http://www.jukefly.com)

Online Media Player Roundup: TVUPlayer, MyPodder, Miro, VeohTV, Joost, OpenHulu/Hulu, TVTonic, etc

Note: Some content in this post may link to copyright items. We doesn’t condone piracy. Downloading and distributing copyrighted material is illegal, so proceed at your own risk.

Well hello everyone. Do you familiar with any Online TV? Well in this post I’m going to show you a quick info on some of the famous players & websites that I have been using for the past few months – some more than a year. Please bear in mind that some of the player/websites that I’m using is still in beta and some is still by invitation only. Without further due, let me introduce you Joost, Babelgum, VeohTV, TVUPlayer, OpenHulu/Hulu, Tioti, TED, TVTonic, MyPodder, and Miro.


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AniMoto – Movie Creation

As you guys may see all around in our blog the video clip of our FABuloUS Pictures. It is all done with merely clicks on the tip of your finger(s)…. because of their great services and ease of use, it is totally worth to join and at least give a shot using the free short length of 30 seconds video clip.

Visit to http://animoto.com

But after have the free trial, I am sure you will get addicted and willing to pay for extra $$ to enjoy the full length of video clip. How much? USD$3 / video clip or another mouth-watering offer is USD$30 / year with “UN-LIMIT-ED” creation of video clip(S)!

See below for some of the screen shots….


Choices of animoto short – 30 sec (free) or Full length video (need payment)


Upload your photos


Choose your music (indie rock, electronica and hip hop) or upload your own… Kewl


And at last finalize your video with the details and descriptions. The creation of the video clip will take around 1 min to 30 min… Once it is done, it has choices for you to post the clip into your blog.

Pretty simple right?