JukeFly: Stream those music

I often travel back and forth almost every week. The dilemma  is that sometimes I want to listen to certain song, just to find out that I don’t have it in my iPod. Yet, I know I have that song somewhere in my other computer at my other house. My computer always on 24/7, so I don’t mind if there is a service that can allows me to stream my music online.

Worry no more. If you got similar dilemma as I am, then you need JukeFly. Its a free service, created by 2 guys from San Jose, California. What you need to do is register, install a very (extremely) small server to your always on computer. Login, and add song to be stream. That’s it!


Let say you are away from home and want to listen to your song. Just login to http://www.jukefly.com, then you’ll see all your song there, ready to be play. No installation or whatsoever. I’ve been using it for a while now, and so far don’t have any problem, lag, or whatsoever.

JukeFly (http://www.jukefly.com)

Find that torrent file

You still using torrent to download? Well, I guese because its free and its easy to find stuff thats why its still a preferable method. Oh wait… easy? For me its a bit difficult to find stuff. There’s a lot of torrent site out there, that sometimes you have to go to each one of them in search of that thing that you want. No worries, you can go to YouTorrent (http://www.youtorrent.com/). Here you can search everything centrally and let it crawl to your other torrent site.