Google Docs: Reviewed and Tested

Google just released their new presentation application for Google Docs. I’ve been playing and testing Google Docs before they acquired  Writely – an online free word processing service. After they acquired Writely, few weeks later Google Docs was shown to the public. Not sure where they put Writely in, but Google is doing a great job so far. Anyway, during the first beta they only introduce Document (word processing), then Spreadsheet, then few months back, new user interface. And today finally Presentation (just like powerpoint). Let me show you few stuff inside Google Docs.

*Click to enlarge

The main manager sport the new and nice User Interface. You can organize, arrange, label, and create folder to manage your documents.


When you click New, you have option to create 3 types of documents

Document (word processing), complete with spelling check

The new Presentation (just like PowerPoint)

Spreadsheet (just like Excel)

What else you can do with Google Docs? Well you can do:

You can collaborate and discuss your document with your colleague

Allows others to edit or read it

And, you can check the previous version by going to Revision

How to export files to your computers?

OK, so far for Documents you can Save As as alot of formats including MS Word, Open Office and PDF. As for Spreadsheet you can Export as  many formats as well including MS Excel, and Open Office. However for Presentation, I can’t find anything to export it except saving it as HTML and download it as zipped file.

Firefox: SmoothWheel

Are you using Firefox? Got mouse with scroll-wheel? Ever heard of SmoothWheel?

If your answer is YES, YES, NO; then try use your mouse scroll-wheel to scroll down. Notice the scroll is a bit sluggish? With SmoothWheel you can scroll nicely and smoothly. No improvement in term of productivity, but hey it gives nice surfing experience!


Windows Live Updated

Finally I got some time to open-up my inbox. Its been a busy day at work so less time for me to try new beta stuff from Microsoft. Anyway, Windows Live team has released alot of new beta products for us to play.

The new one are: Desktop Mail, Messenger, Live Write, and Photo gallery.

You can get this one by one, or by using Windows Live Suite. This installer will let you select which product you want to install, all in one central location, talking about convenient. Anyway, you can get it here:



A new stuff that I’ve been playing around since last week is Live Translator. They still haven’t announce it yet, but you can too play it here:

Windows Vista Elevated Credential

Have Windows Vista? Its among the best OS Microsoft ever built. One nice thing is that you can run program as Administrator even if you are login as normal user. For your info, this feature actually exist since Windows 2000.

By running some programs in Administrator mode, allow you to override some basic limitation. Basically you can click any program, then hold-down your Shift key, then right-click it. After that just click Run As Administrator.

In Windows Vista since you can run program by searching it, what you should do is type the program name as per normal, then once the program you want is selected:

  • Instead of Enter, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter
  • Once pop-up box come out, hit Continue


Thats it!