How to use secure remote desktop

Imagine this: After reading our blog about how to get the latest TV Series, you’re having one minor problem. The show you want only available at 9am during office hour, but you want to download it immediately so that you can watch it when you go back home. How?

You need remote desktop. You can enable port-forwarding and enable your remote desktop on your machine. But the best way is using tunneling, because its my way 🙂 and its secure…

Things you need:

The steps are:
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  1. Enable your Remote Desktop on your host machine (at home)
    By enabling this you can access your computer remotely.
  2. Run Putty on remote machine (any machine, this case machine in my office).
    – Host Name: your router ip
    – Port: 443
    – Protocol: SSH
    We use SSH for better and secure connection, and we use port 443 for SSL support.
  3. Go to Connection > SSH > Tunnels
    – Source port: 3390
    – Destination: host computer internal IP :3389
    – Click Add
    – Click Open
    The function of this task is to connect your connection to your home machine remote desktop service (port 3389). Then provide this connection to your office machine to use (port 3390)
  4. You will be connected to your router
    – Login as: root
    – Password: your router admin password
    When you telnet to your router, username is always root even if you have your own customize username when you login to web console.
  5. This is the screen after you successfullly login to your router.
    From here you can ping your host (remote pc) with its internal IP address, this is to check whether or not you machine indeed is turn on and accessible.
  6. On your remote machine (office machine) go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communication > Remote Desktop Connection
    – Computer: localhost:3390
    Remember step 3? Well, since the service is provided already once we connect through Putty; we can use localhost (our current office machine) with the provided port which is 3390.
  7. Voila… you should be connected to your home machine, just login as per you are there.

Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite 3 – Installation Update

Finally I have guts to install the new CS3 to my Win Vista. I got Adobe CS2 install inside my Win XP machine, its a beta. This CS3 is also a beta, I just put in somewhere in my download folder.


Anyway that’s not what I want to post here. Just to let you know, in Win Vista you need to register its 32-bit dll first. Why? What happen? While you install in Vista, the installation look it as 64-bit environment. So, you need to register the 32-bit dll first.

Then voila, you now can install your Adobe CS3. But hey, wait! This Adobe CS3 is hunger for disk space. I install all product which need 18gb+ So, install only those which you need. 😛

Alright, we got a lot of hits from this post. As usual we just considered it as normal, until one day I received an e-mail from our reader asking how to do this in details.

Please bear in mind that I haven’t encounter problem while installing CS3 in Windows XP, meaning this tutorial is dedicated for Windows Vista only (32 & 64 bit). The steps are:

  1. Close all CS3 installations.
  2. Run cmd.exe in elevated mode. How? Refer our post here.
  3. Run command: "cd/"
  4. For Windows Vista x86 (32bit), run command: "cd windows\system32"
  5. For Windows Vista x64, run command: "cd windows\SysWOW64"
  6. Run command: "regsvr32 jscript.dll"
  7. Run command: "regsvr32 vbscript.dll"

Now you try run the installation again.

Talking about World Class Service: HP

I’m not a big fan of Dell, buy hey, the organization where I work like it so much that I don’t bother about Dell anymore. I mean, I can’t deny that their service is top notch: for enterprise level. How about consumer level?

Well, I got my 3 months HP desktop. So far I don’t have ANY problem with it. It just superb, until 2 days ago… Well its not actually a big problem. The thing is that I often have a warning dialog box whenever I copy a video file (mpg, mpeg) then my explorer will crash. After several HP Update and Windows Vista Report Problem and Solutions, my Windows Vista told me its about my ViiV processor, clicking the link, it direct me to HP update file. When I run the update, it says my system doesn’t meet the requirement. It really **** me off! Oh ok I think its time to try HP Support.

Cool they have online one-to-one chat with their technical staff. After giving my desktop model, I was handle by one of their staff promptly. After several chat, they immediately give me various option, e.g. talk to my regional support (Singapore), hardware replacement (Australia), etc. But since its only minor stuff, they recommend me just to fix the update by going to proper site.

 hp support

Oh yea, I don’t have to search for the site, they gave my direct link to it, so that I just can download and install it. They even insist me to keep on the chat box while I installed my update. After confirming that my problem is gone, then they thank me and its ok to close the window, leaving me with a huge smile 😛 Problem solved within 10 minutes. Now that’s a World Class Service!

How to download tv episodes

Heroes season 2 just showed this week. Of course it will take ages for the show to be broadcast here in Brunei. So the only way to get those show is by downloading it off torrent. My two most favourite sites are: EasyNews (Fast and fee-based), and MiniNova (free and very slow)

The thing about this sites is that you need to search and download it manually.

Welcome to TED – Torrent Episodes Downloader.


Once installed, run it and it will show you predefined show to download. What you should do is that, select which title and episodes you want to download and thats it.

If you want other episode which is not included inside the predefine show, then you can add it manually. Oh yea, predefined show list is updated, so you can always have latest episode in your disposal.

  1. We doesn’t condone piracy. Downloading and distributing copyrighted material is illegal, so proceed at your own risk.
2. You need bit-torrent client for TED to work.

Get those old programs back

Today I installed something, an updated program. After installation the program not only doesn’t work but corrupt my registry. I’m not sure whether its the software problem, so I installed it to my other pc and the same thing happen. I rollback the changes and now I need to find that old version of the program. I’m surprise that I can’t find it anywhere including on their website.

After looking for several websites, I found this So if you in needs of old application, here is where you should go.