Windows Live Writer – How I’m using it?

Let me say it again: “I Love Windows Live Writer!” Whatever tools I need (so far) for my blogging is there. But let me tell you few things that you might find helpful.


  1. Multiple Blogs with Multiple Logins
    Yea, you can have your Blogger, WordPress, SharePoint, etc… And you can use different accounts to access each one of them.
  2. Categories
    You can assign, pull, and add categories from your blog.
  3. Tag/Keywords
    This is very useful feature for blog. As for BlogZero we can’t make use of this feature in WLW until recently when we upgraded our blog engine.
  4. Set Publish Date
    I love this feature. My colleague once asked me how can I keep up my time while writing post on the blog? Well my friend, WLW have this feature called Set Publish Date (Press F2). What it does is that you can set “timestamp” of your post. If you set it on the future, then that post will be publish on that date thus allowing schedule post as if you are blogging everyday – well you don’t have to.
  5. “Read More” tag
    BlogZero will make use of this feature soon after the cosmetic change. Rather than loading the whole post, author can limit few line of sentences to show in a post before creating a break. When user click “Read More” (break) it will go to the full post.
  6. Pictures
    Picture is easy to manage while using WLW as you can make it prettier while adding borders and watermarks.
  7. Offline/Online
    You can write your post offline and save it before publishing it later. Or you can open and edit existing post by downloading it from online. Oh yea, you can also create and edit page apart from post.
  8. Plugins
    I have alot of plugins, but plugins that I really like is:
  1. Insert Template
  2. Insert Picasa Link
  3. Insert Flickr Images
  4. Insert Video
  5. Insert SkyDrive Attachment

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

First and foremost, yes, I changed my e-mail/MSN and I’m very sorry for some of you that have problem trying to IM me – use my e-mail as I’m sure will check it. Alright lets get back to business. As per asked by one of the reader. “Can I open MS Office 2007 document in my MS Office 2000 as I don’t want to install MS Office 2007?”

The answer is No & Yes. I can’t blame you if you afraid to use MS Office 2007 as the GUI a bit different – but trust me its very easy to use. Back to my answer. By default you can’t open MS Office 2007 document with your current MS Office 2000. However you can install Microsoft Office Compatibility pack (

When you install this pack, it will convert the documents for you according to the version of MS Office you are using. However if the document you about to convert make use of MS Office 2007 features, the chances of in-compatibility issue is high.

“Why people like to use MS Office 2007?” Well, if you ask me;
1/ Nice and easy to use (after a few trial and errors)
2/ Damn easy to use – seriously
3/ Small document size
4/ Easy to recover – its in a xml file, at least you can extract some paragraphs

Cannot Safely Remove USB Device

Alright I had enough with this problem. I did checked Microsoft website for the solution but can’t find it (probably I’m too lazy to find at the right place). Anyway, my Windows XP keep on saying this message. Always, about 95% of every time I’m using my USB Drive.


Then it happened to my Windows Vista machine, not most of the time but it did happen once or twice. But problem fix if you just wait for a few more seconds, or just try ejecting it again as per the message.


One other thing that happen to me is that; I can’t rename, delete, and move a file.



The reason for this annoying and useless dialog is because somehow the file is being use, and you can’t rename, delete, move, or eject the usb drive; until the computer no longer using it. Solution??

Thank God I found this application! Unlocker (

Download and install the program. If you  see those message box again, right click on your usb drive (or right click the file you want to rename, move, delete) and choose Unlocker.


The message box below show you what program actually using that file / usb. For my case I just click Unlock All.


Voila it should fix the problem. Next try to eject your usb or rename, delete, move you file again. If still got problem, repeat the steps mention. For sure those message box won’t appear again. But seriously, if you know other Windows patch that able to fix this problem, please do let me know through my e-mail. As for a temporary solution, I’m happy with Unlocker (

My first blog on SAP

I am a newbie to SAP, being a MCSE and CCNA, I’ve decided to take up a new challenge as a SAP Basis Consultant in Brunei. What is SAP? SAP is an ERP software acronym for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing and it is an extremely complicated system where no one individual can understand all of it. SAP runs on a fourth generation programming language language called Advance Business Application Programming (ABAP).

I would not cover the basic of SAP as these tutorials are intended for people who have experienced in managing SAP system. I’d prepared some tutorials on SAP (Topics covered included system monitoring using the commonly used Transaction codes, ABAP programming, Database administration using BR*tools, clients copy between different/same systems etc). I would try to cover each topic randomly on this site here.

Today we would learn about Client Copy within same system. Here are the steps:

Creating a New Target Client Within the Source system if applicable
1) Log into the source system and enter the transaction SCC4
2) Click the New Entries button to create the new target client
Client 1xx
Description: TEST CLIENT
City: Brunei
Changes …: Changes without automatic recording
Changes …: Changes to Repository and cross-client Customizing objs
Changes….: Protection level 0
3) Click the save icon to proceed to the next screen.
4) There should see the new client in the list.Log off

Performing the Client Copy
1) Log into the new target client using SAP*
2) Enter transaction SCCL
3) Enter the profile (SAP_ALL to copy everything, if required)
4) Enter the source client number eg. 001
5) Enter the source client for User Masters eg. 001
6) Preferably do a test run initially to check if it can go well.
7) Click schedule job button
Click yes after verifying the client copy settings
9) To schedule the job to run immediately, click the Immediate button. Otherwise Date/Time and choose an appropriate time. Click the save icon

Viewing the Client Copy Log
1) Enter transaction SCC3.
2) To see the client copy activity detail select the desired target client by double clicking on the line.
3) Double click on the line containing the source client with the latest date/time. Click on the log button to see the detailed log.