Set Up an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows 7/8/8.1/10





I got my wireless xbox 360 controller lying around. And I also got pc-wireless gaming receiver for xbox 360. Previously it worked for Windows 7, but it breaks in Windows 8/8.1/10. Been searching the tutorial but still having the same issue, maybe the instruction is too complicated for me… so I decided to use my common sense and document it for everyone.

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Windows Mobile 6.5

I guess everyone knows I purchased SonyEricsson Xperia X1 last year. But as usual I still in doubt, until I brought it overseas. Its very very useful. Everything are in there… video call, gps, camera, video recorder, media player, internet,… everything work as out of the box… I don’t want to give any bias opinion so you can have a  read about the review here


But this post is not about Xperia. Its about  Windows Mobile 6.5. Before I start, I just want to let you know that there are 4 parts of the story here. I also not going to give you download link or specific steps on how to do it, since I don’t know whether its legal or not. But, buzz me and I’ll let you know where to go.

The parts are:

  1. Don’t use SonyEricsson Update Services yet.
  2. Upgrade to Xperia R2A Firmware.
  3. Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5.
  4. Revert back to Windows Mobile 6.1.

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Unlocking your iPhone

dear iPhone lovers,

This post is definitely long overdue. The moment I acclaimed myself to be an apple fanatic, I’ve never stopped thinking owning that coolest iPhone ever invented by Steve and his team. Now a proud owner of iPhone, I hope that I can help some of you to clear some “doubts” when you are in the middle of unlocking your iPhone. All steps and methods are similar to those you can find all over the web. But, before I proceed, I’d love to first thank Valiant and Reason22 for helping me unlocked my phone when it was brand new.

OK, how do you upgrade your firmware from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1? Let’s see the big picture before I drill into the details of each step.

1) Restore your seczone / Virginize your iPhone ( previously corrupted by anysim/iunlock)

2) Upgrade firmware to 1.1.1

3) Activate and unlock your phone

Files you need:

1) ibrickr:

2) winscp:

3) Virginizer Pack:

4) Firmware 1.1.1:

5) anySIM1.1p:

Step 1: Virginizing your phone

In order to restore your seczone or revirginize your phone, You need to make sure that you have MobileTerminal VT100 and BSD Subsystem v1.5 installed. To do this, run ibrickr v0.9 and click on Browse Application. It’ll probably prompt you to install PXL before you can browse the list of application. Please do so and follow the instruction. When all completed, you will see a new icon on your springboard called “Terminal”. Before you proceed, ensure that the Auto-Lock setting is set to never. Go to General/Setting/Auto-Lock and select never.

Next you need to go back to ibrickr and click on files, then make sure you upload all the file on the “virginizer_pack” to /usr/bin/ folder. To navigate to this folder, click on the fake iPhone appears on your screen

Now you can on the “Terminal” icon on your springboard to go to /usr/bin/virginizer_pack folder

Command: cd /usr/bin/virginizer_pack

Next give execute permission to “”

Command: chmod +x

Then execute

Command: ./

Follow the instruction on screen closely. It’ll prompt you to backup your seczone file and reflash your baseband. When reflashing the baseband, it’ll appear it’s hung at first and please do not do anything. WAIT and something will happen. Let it run until it says it’s done.

Now you have successfully revirginized your phone. You are ready to upgrade to firmware 1.1.1

Step 2: Upgrading firmware

Your iPhone is turned on, it’s connected to your computer and iTunes is recognizing it. Now you want to get your phone into restore mode. To do this, you hold both the home and sleep buttons. While doing that, your screen will appear off and continue to hold the sleep button for another 10 sec or more. Release the hold on sleep button but continue to hold the home button until you see a yellow sign on your iPhone that says “Connect to iTunes”.

Go to iTunes and I assume you have already downloaded firmware 1.1.1. To do the update to the firmware, hold the shift button while clicking on the “restore” button. Then you will be able to select the firmware you just downloaded. It’ll start extracting the file and do its own thing. When finish, your iPhone will reboot and goes into the “activation” screen and your iTunes will recognize your newly updated phone.

Step 3: Activating and Unlocking your phone

OK. This is the best part of unlocking your iPhone cuz’ you are getting there and you’re all excited about it 🙂 Now make sure you kill iTuneshelper.exe and ITunes.exe. You can use alt+ctrl+delete and do it on the processes manager

Slide the slider to go to the keypad screen. Dial the following:

*#307# and then press call. Your phone will ring and do not pick up yet. Hit the backspace to erase the number you just dialled while the phone is still ringing.

Dial 0 and press call again. Your phone will ring again and this time, you pick it up and right away put it on hold.

You phone will ring again and this time, you decline the call.

After you decline this call, it’ll take you to the unlock keypad and you can access to the contacts icon.

Click on Contacts and you need to create a new contact with any name you like. Then in your phonebook, you need to add two URLs

1) prefs://1f


Save your contact info.

After saving, click on the first link you created. You’ll be able to go and turn on your Wi-Fi. To do so, go to General/WiFi/

Next, to go back to your phone book, press home button, slide the slider and dial *#307# again, don’t pick up, erase the number, dial 0, press call, press answer, then put on hold, then decline the call. You are back to the phonebook. Now press on the 2nd URL you saved.

Your safari will be loaded and go to the jailbreakme website. Scroll down and click on the install link. That’s it. Wait for the phone to reboot itself. You do not need to do anything. Please do not reboot yourself. When you phone reboots, it should be activated.

Don’t worry, we are getting there…….

Now, click on the installer on your phone and install the following:

BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH

Next Extract folder from anySIM-1.1p.rar onto a folder. When done, run winscp and check the IP address of your iphone. You need the address so that you can login to your phone and transfer the over.

In your winscp window, hostname should be the ip address of your iPhone. Port is 22. Username root, password alpine. Make sure file protocol is change to “SCP”. If this is the first time you login to your iPhone, it’ll take slightly longer to establish the connection. Give me about 30secs or so.

When you are in, the right hand side is your iPhone’s directory and on the left is your windows directory. Navigate to the path /root/application on your iPhone and to the directory where you have your folder. Select folder and press F5, before you click OK, go to attribute and change the code to 0755. Then press OK. When it’s copied over, reboot your iPhone and you’ll see anySIM icon on your phone. Again, please ensure that the auto-lock setting is set to never

Now put your original AT&T sim card in your phone and run anySIM. It’ll do magic and tell you your phone is successfully unlocked! When it’s done, put in your own SIM card and it’ll work! That’s it.


Please use winscp to login to your iPhone again to delete if you do not wish to see icon anymore. Go to /root/application and select folder. Right click and then delete. That’s it folks!


Here’s a note of thanks for all the iPhone hacking teams out there. If any of of you feel like donating something to them for their hardwork, click on your installer icon on your iPhone and make a donation there 🙂 You really should. They are awesome.


Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10, XGL, Compiz Fusion

I used to run Ubuntu 7.04, and I’m very happy with it. Everything works, including my Compiz Fusion (after some XGL tweaking). Just about 2 hours Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 released, I immediately upgrade my system. 4 hours of upgrading later, I received a message saying that I should remove my XGL session as it is no longer needed.

Short story, I enabled my restricted driver, removed XGL session, and enable effect appearance. However, I cant enable some plugin as it won’t save whatever setting I made. After research after research and test after test, I finally find the solution. I want to link to all the resources I found but I realise some site can be down when you need it the most. So I compile and rewrite it here ( Credits goes to Michael37.