Nokia Handphone with VoIP enable

Many of Nokia Handphone nowadays comes with the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) function and it allows you to set up the SIP settings. However, with the SIP settings, you have to go through so many tedious settings and some people just got lost in middle of settings. I myself have E61i and I had setup the SIP settings and I found there is a defect in this phone series. Each time if you are planning to use your handphone to make SIP calls, you have to ensure that your SIP is registered. In this NOkia E61i, the registration is rather difficult and unfriendly.

I just found a good method to overcome this…. Try this:

Go to that website!

What is the website for? This website allows to download their software in your handphone… Through this software, you can login to your skype (especially on the symbian OS as skype do not have the software for this OS), your MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and best of all is SIP. With this software, you DO NOT need to go through the tedious settings no more. What you need just the software, userid and password… Happy trying!

New Search Engine

Got the new search engine link from my hubby and it is

Tafiti Search Engine

However, before you are able to use it, you must install Silverlight in your PC. This is quite heavy in the graphical compare to other search engines. The good thing of this search engine, it allows you to save your search in the right side pane and it also allows you to browse many criteria without opening a new window each time….

So cool the animation and it is just like Windows Vista…. how it maximize and minimize the window search and result.


Please give it a try!

Visit to BEDB iCentre

On Wednesday 22nd August 2007 (which was coincide with my bday LOL)… we had a visit to BEDB (Brunei Economic Development Board) iCentre.

WHAT IS iCentre?

iCentre is the ICT incubation project by the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) that aims at supporting Brunei ICT SME and nurturing ICT entrepreneurship in Brunei. In addition, the iCentre aims at complementing the Brunei E-Government initiative and to nurture the ICT development of Brunei. The iCentre is operated by KR Consulting with the objective of designing, implementing and operating an incubation program at the iCentre. The iCentre Incubator, which nurtures and incubates new companies, provides incubation programs, physical facilities and infrastructure for new companies to flourish. (taken from
It has founded in early May 2007 and since then, it has open for public to register their application for incubation project. There are 62 people registered and after the screening of their ideas (which they filter based on the Brunei Market and the capability for the idea(s) to go international), they are down to only 8 incubatees. The incubation project will guide the incubatees for period of 24 months and they require the incubatees to provide quarterly report of the progress of their project.

This facility that had given by BEDB includes free shared printer, fax machine, conference room, seminar theatre and extremely low rate of office space. The office space includes a one free desktop to use and the rent cost onlyBND$350 and less.

 Office Space



Conference Room



The Seminar Theatre

This program is great for young entreprenuers who are looking for opportunity and guidance to build up their idea and make it into reality SME…

Peopletools 8.48 and HRMS 8.9 Demo DB

I know that these two versions are not the latest from Oracle(Peoplesoft) however, I require to install this into my Windows PC as a playground in my company.

Got the software from the web and license code (which is only valid for 30 days trial period) from I have attempted to install them in the same machine with or without Virtual PC for FOUR times and only on my fourth attempt, I made it! YAY!

On my first three attempts, I am using the downloaded software and I got fed up of trying and logging case to Peoplesoft of NON-working demo database. Though they offered great assistance nonetheless nothing more they can do as I had followed step-by-step guide accordingly. At last, the last peoplesoft analyst (I still have vivid memory of this guy call “MOON”) had offered me to get the software media sent out from USA (California, which I believe where their warehouse is). Oh wow, yes absolutely (before this, I didn’t have a single clue that we are able to get the software for FOC). Two days later, I got the media. Installed them in my PC, build the database (took me longer this time like 3 days), build the application server and build the webserver (weblogic 8.1 SP5) and VOILA…. it is working FINE!

In conclusion, the software which downloadable from the website might be corrupted during transfer as they are altogether 8GB. So whoever, people out there, please request the media itself from Oracle before installing them and get frustrated!

Tech Specs:

Windows Server 2003, 2 GB RAM, Oracle 10g for windows, Pentium Duo Core 2.

My next task is to install all of them into my loan toy Oracle on Dell GRID.

P.S. Please be careful on your Chapter 7 which is building the database in the Peopletools 8.48 installation guide for Oracle. Use Appendix E instead (build DB manually) and download your Peopletools 8.48.10 patch from Customer Connections. Install the patch right before you Copy Project From File of PPLTLS848CUR.

Any question, please do not hesitate to drop comment and I am more than happy to help.. Cheers!

Oracle on DELL Grid

Seminar half day in Sheraton Utama Hotel…. Pretty full and many people attended the seminar… ranges from government sectors, private and many lecturers there…
Free umbrella for every question asked and every question answered. However, one of my colleague has a free umbrella as he (Mr. Cisco G&G – please define yourself for the abbreviation of G&G) requested for one (no shame shame) … keke (*_*).
Poll…. Good place, Good Food, Good knowledge, Good Presenters, GREAT topics.

The seminar is all about a join power between Oracle and Dell to have grid computing to cut the cost but to have same performance as buying a single big server. FYI, what is Grid Computing? (please click the link to have the definition).

This grid computing enables the user to have flexibility to utilize their server and storage to the max. On top of that, the user able to add up more server and storage without wiping out their existing systems.

Dell accommodates the storage and server using the RedHat Linux as the operating systems (UNIX based OS) and with Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters), the grid computing can be done to manage their server and enable to cluster the data and their applications.

Got the demo servers on loan for a month to play with and ruin it (oooppsss, don’t mean it). Got the server right after the seminar finished on Tuesday, 24th July 2007. Unfortunately no pictures taken..
Will update further on the result of exposure with the loan server.