AniMoto – Movie Creation

As you guys may see all around in our blog the video clip of our FABuloUS Pictures. It is all done with merely clicks on the tip of your finger(s)…. because of their great services and ease of use, it is totally worth to join and at least give a shot using the free short length of 30 seconds video clip.

Visit to

But after have the free trial, I am sure you will get addicted and willing to pay for extra $$ to enjoy the full length of video clip. How much? USD$3 / video clip or another mouth-watering offer is USD$30 / year with “UN-LIMIT-ED” creation of video clip(S)!

See below for some of the screen shots….


Choices of animoto short – 30 sec (free) or Full length video (need payment)


Upload your photos


Choose your music (indie rock, electronica and hip hop) or upload your own… Kewl


And at last finalize your video with the details and descriptions. The creation of the video clip will take around 1 min to 30 min… Once it is done, it has choices for you to post the clip into your blog.

Pretty simple right?

Download Video Streaming

Barnes & Noble has interviewed Alan Greenspan (The greatest ECONOMIST of ALL) about his new book “Age of Turbulence” and I have tried so badly to get the video of his interview. Very interesting talk there and I must get it.

Been downloading many software and looking for hi and low of software. I got three types of software that “so they say” can download the video streaming.

1) VM Recorder (


It is a shareware and it costs USD$49.95 with trial version, it allows you to download video with maximum of 10 minutes of video up until you purchase the full version.

2) Orbit Downloader (


It is a total freeware for you to use and try… I kinda like this as it is very easy to use and very friendly.

3) CoCSoft (


It is a shareware and it costs USD$39.90 with trial version period of 15 days.

4) Replay A/V (

This is so far the best one! I really love this. However this is a shareware and costs you USD$49.95. You practically can download up to 5 minutes of video or 5MB video. Worth to try and easy to use!