huh? why you want to know about me?

huh? why you want to know about me?

Another Vista story

Well, I’m moving my Vista from my Laptop to my PC. Problem is how? How about the license? How about the data? The program? I dont know if my way of method is correct by here are the steps that I did:

  • Install Vista to my PC
  • Call Microsoft so that I can activate it (sorry cant remember the phone number)
  • Get 12 digit code, give to Microsoft, and follow whatever they say
  • Voila! Vista install successfully
  • Backup bare metal method in laptop
  • Save the image to external harddisk
  • Since I’m doing dual boot, I want to remove the boot-up option
  • Insert Vista cd in Windows XP, and reset MBR
  • Delete whatever files in Vista partition
  • Your laptop now clean, lets move to PC where the new Vista is reside
  • Run Vista backup from Vista CD, get the image from external harddisk
  • Reboot PC, and you notice everything us there

I never know Microsoft have such effort to make its user experience easier start from installing, using, and data recovery. Now thats two thumbs up from me!

Reset Its NEW

If you have notice, I just upgrade the whole stuff out of this blog, now it got new look! Nice eh! My motif? My colleague ask me if I can create a blog and create a category for technical post…

After got some clean-up to some post, well I think I’m ready to post… Well I’ll do it tomorow! lol

First 2007 Post

WOW! I can’t remember since my last post. Ok, whats up?

First off, I’ve been busy creating my other blogs which are being maintain by the rest of my cousins. There is Blast, and Punk. Then the need of gallery rises, there goes Gallery3. Then there is the need for us to discuss stuff, there goes Forum. Aight, then my site was upgraded to use full Google services, ok another stuff; app, calendar, e-mail, chat, widgets, etc… alot

Ok, its alot of works since last year. This year I’m in the process of integrating, yes integrating, the whole stuff to talk with each other. Actually I just finish it last week. Blast, Punk, Gallery3, and Forum are now talking with each other, so one account and one password, nice huh! Ok as for Google service, I just link it, so it tight-up everything!