huh? why you want to know about me?

huh? why you want to know about me?

BAG Networks Open Office Raya

Once again we were invited for yet another Open House – I mean Open Office. This time it was organised by BAG Networks and sponsored by CA. Anyway it was a fun day with alot of hectic people.

IMG_3446 DSCF0822

Of course apart for food there were Berpantun, Bmukun, Dancing, and Singing all their lungs out. Oh well… I really dont know how to describe it, just look at some of the pictures.

DSCF0827 DSCF0832 DSCF0798 IMG_3389

More pictures here

Talking about World Class Service: HP

I’m not a big fan of Dell, buy hey, the organization where I work like it so much that I don’t bother about Dell anymore. I mean, I can’t deny that their service is top notch: for enterprise level. How about consumer level?

Well, I got my 3 months HP desktop. So far I don’t have ANY problem with it. It just superb, until 2 days ago… Well its not actually a big problem. The thing is that I often have a warning dialog box whenever I copy a video file (mpg, mpeg) then my explorer will crash. After several HP Update and Windows Vista Report Problem and Solutions, my Windows Vista told me its about my ViiV processor, clicking the link, it direct me to HP update file. When I run the update, it says my system doesn’t meet the requirement. It really **** me off! Oh ok I think its time to try HP Support.

Cool they have online one-to-one chat with their technical staff. After giving my desktop model, I was handle by one of their staff promptly. After several chat, they immediately give me various option, e.g. talk to my regional support (Singapore), hardware replacement (Australia), etc. But since its only minor stuff, they recommend me just to fix the update by going to proper site.

 hp support

Oh yea, I don’t have to search for the site, they gave my direct link to it, so that I just can download and install it. They even insist me to keep on the chat box while I installed my update. After confirming that my problem is gone, then they thank me and its ok to close the window, leaving me with a huge smile 😛 Problem solved within 10 minutes. Now that’s a World Class Service!

Service Down

26th August 2007 (11.30am to 12.15pm). You might experienced a lot of problem while accessing to this blog just now. Actually there was a network equipment upgrade that was done on our hosting company site. Sorry for the late info.

Linux Distro

Remember I move my Vista to my PC? You know why? Actually I want to try Linux. So on thursday I install it, gosh ALOT ALOT ALOT again ALOT of problem. Basically they upgrade their new xServer thus leaving a bug for some nVidia and Ati cards. They know this bug already but they still releasing the new distro… I really cant believe this.

Aight, guese I still got my Linux skill… lol… so I manage to install it…. now how to make the look just like Vista? hahaha…. actually even better compare to Vista… Finally got the effect ran today….

Gosh the effect is sooooo much nice than Vista…. BUT installing the OS is pain in th ass! oh wait…. configuring Beryl also pain in the ass! OK once everything configure it should be ok right? wrong again! Its not yet stable and you need to disable some feature first. GOD Vista is much BETTER than this! So stop yelling at Microsoft! At least I appreciate their effort to make everything easy and truly IT JUST WORK concept!

For those who would like to know how I install my Linux distro… well…. I’ll try to post later or tomorow… oh well, when I’m free… hahaha