huh? why you want to know about me?

huh? why you want to know about me?

Common Sense Management


Well, this article is not about geek or tech stuff, its about normal dilemma we always face in today’s world. I met an old friend of mine recently on the Internet and we started to talk about work and stuff, that eventually ended up with some interesting topic that I would like to share with you. Common Sense.

The thing about real life is that to be an effective manager, you don’t need a shiny MBA degree, but just some common sense. We might already learn it way back from our childhood, but we just forgot about them.

Arguably the most powerful and effective managers in the world – Bill Gates & Steve Jobs, these men have one thing in common – they owe their management acumen and success not to fancy business degrees from the hallowed portals of Harvard and Yale, but to plain old, not-so-common, common sense.

At the end of our conversation, my friend show me several websites that really lifted my up. To summarize, we need to go back to basic:

  • Self before service is the key here – Manage yourself first
  • Time and tide wait for no man – Manage each moment
  • The human side of resources – Master the art of managing men
  • Make every penny count – Managing money pays
  • Just do it – Managing tasks takes talent
  • Sourcing sources – Manage resources resourcefully
  • They are the reason your business exists – Manage customers confidently
  • Change is inevitable – Manage critical and chaotic crises
  • Aims and aspirations – Manage objectives objectively

Geek Update

RBP9024289_Veer Finally there is no more new post. If you notice most of the post actually were scheduled thus we don’t have to blog anything for almost 2 weeks. Closer to new year, some of us busy doing their stuff. JacobsCrack doing ALOT of BIG projects, Valiant having a break (while some projects still running), Reasons22 also busy managing his networks, and HearMeSay busy taking her vacation abroad.

In other words, all of us are taking a break from posting some post. There are actually some topics you need to be aware of, which I’ll try to post next week.
– Windows Vista SP1 (tested)
– Windows XP SP3 (tested)
– Office 2007 SP1 (tested)
– Windows Live Messenger 9 (tested)
– Yahoo Messenger Vista (tested)

Server stuff (I wont cover):
– Ms Office Servers SP1
– Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (tested)
– Windows Server 2008 RC1 (tested)

PLUS (… I wont cover): Alot more solutions from Microsoft next year including Katmai (tested) & Enterprise Search (tested).

p/s Look at our Off-Topics as we might post something there instead…

Windows Live Writer – How I’m using it?

Let me say it again: “I Love Windows Live Writer!” Whatever tools I need (so far) for my blogging is there. But let me tell you few things that you might find helpful.


  1. Multiple Blogs with Multiple Logins
    Yea, you can have your Blogger, WordPress, SharePoint, etc… And you can use different accounts to access each one of them.
  2. Categories
    You can assign, pull, and add categories from your blog.
  3. Tag/Keywords
    This is very useful feature for blog. As for BlogZero we can’t make use of this feature in WLW until recently when we upgraded our blog engine.
  4. Set Publish Date
    I love this feature. My colleague once asked me how can I keep up my time while writing post on the blog? Well my friend, WLW have this feature called Set Publish Date (Press F2). What it does is that you can set “timestamp” of your post. If you set it on the future, then that post will be publish on that date thus allowing schedule post as if you are blogging everyday – well you don’t have to.
  5. “Read More” tag
    BlogZero will make use of this feature soon after the cosmetic change. Rather than loading the whole post, author can limit few line of sentences to show in a post before creating a break. When user click “Read More” (break) it will go to the full post.
  6. Pictures
    Picture is easy to manage while using WLW as you can make it prettier while adding borders and watermarks.
  7. Offline/Online
    You can write your post offline and save it before publishing it later. Or you can open and edit existing post by downloading it from online. Oh yea, you can also create and edit page apart from post.
  8. Plugins
    I have alot of plugins, but plugins that I really like is:
  1. Insert Template
  2. Insert Picasa Link
  3. Insert Flickr Images
  4. Insert Video
  5. Insert SkyDrive Attachment