XBOX 360 2009Update

I had mention several new updates for Xbox 360. It really is wow. This update will be available soon this month or at least end of this year.

The latest update is wireless support for WPA2, which is good since I’m using wireless network with WPA2.

DSC02264    DSC02229


My avatar playing with the prop, and more stuff at Spotlight.

DSC02251   DSC02247

You can also have whole bunch of news and streaming video/content from “News and More” and “Inside Xbox”

DSC02232   DSC02262


There is Zune in Music Marketplace and Video Marketplace.

 DSC02231  DSC02230


You will have access for free content and video that you can buy from Zune. Oh and as usual Netflix for more movies.

DSC02240   DSC02246


Another useful addition is Last.Fm. However it is only available in the US. I do know they are still looking to bring this service worldwide, but no specific time-frame yet. Oh and Sky TV, which I don’t have the thumbnail here since it is only available in UK.



And more social stuff like Facebook.

 DSC02233   DSC02239


..or Twitter.

DSC02234   DSC02237


Halo Waypoint joint the gang recently this month. It is basically a Halo portal which you can see bunch of video content and different milestones and achievement for your Halo.

 DSC02255DSC02258DSC02261   DSC02257


And just release yesterday (as of this writing) was Halo Legend. It is basically a video episodes of Halo.



Let me remind you that all of these is still in “preview”, thus the final released might be different. As per mention by the team, they going to release this update somewhere end of this year. So if haven’t got the update, just hang in there.

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