New 2009 Live Essential & Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8064.206

This evening I received an e-mail from the reader asking for standalone installation of the new Live Essential 2009. Apparently his Windows Live Messenger need update and it won’t login until he download the new installation.

Mmm… isn’t it they released the new one somewhere on January before, and now some more update?


Anyway, you can get the new version at: or direct download the 133mb+ standalone installation here:

Hope that helpful for you.


I had tried this windows live 2009. Nice features and more additional things. Anw, I never tried the earlier version of 2009 (*_*). Val, should you give little bit of review between this current version and the earlier of 2009?


Actually no big changes can be found. I guess there are alot of changes in the core. But the basic feature I can see is that most of the services is now integrated with Live services, e.g. Photo.

There are also changes to the wording eg “Group” to “Categories”, “Online” to “Available”… You can change your picture to video, login to 2 different computers at the same time… quite alot of small changes actually… But basically the changes are mainly in User Interface…

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