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If you realise, I capture alot of screen. There are only 3 method that I frequently use: Vista Snipping Tool, Print Screen, and MWSnap. MWSnap is a very old program but yet so powerful, light, and serve its purpose. I know its not as good as SnagIt, but I can’t afford SnagIt, beside I like free software. So, have it a try: MWSnap (


Peter - Snagit Guide

Hi Valiant,

We currently have a small discount on Snagit. Perhaps that would be within your budget. I also like free software, but I know how much development goes into Snagit, which in my opinion makes it a worthwhile investment.



Thanks for the info. And Yes! I have to agree with you that I can see the effort TechSmith had made to make SnagIt the best snipping tool ever.

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