Limited or No Connectivity Message on Wireless and Ethernet Connections

I swear there’s nothing wrong with my router but my laptop still can’t connect to it by giving me this message.



…or something like this


The thing is that my network keep on

  • “Acquiring IP Address”
  • then eventually…. “Limited or No Connectivity”

Solution – There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Go update your Windows XP or download this update (KB884020)
  2. Run this command in Command Windows
    netsh int ip reset somelog.txt
  3. Or the most common culprit is corrupted winsock catalog. Run this command in Command Windows: netsh winsock reset catalog
  4. winsock
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Im on Vista,this method didnt work for me! I still get Local Only and Limited conectivity.The wierd here is my autoassigned IP entered manually ip but still get the same result!


I had the same problem with Vista. I switched to XP and then had an issue with timeouts during tftp. That was further solved by disabling firewall.


One important piece missing is that for 2 and 3 you have to reboot. Then it worked.

Thanks for the info!!


i did those two little commands at the bottom and i ended up with a corrupted /system32/hal.dll. file, how did i do this and is it related?

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