Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10, XGL, Compiz Fusion

I used to run Ubuntu 7.04, and I’m very happy with it. Everything works, including my Compiz Fusion (after some XGL tweaking). Just about 2 hours Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 released, I immediately upgrade my system. 4 hours of upgrading later, I received a message saying that I should remove my XGL session as it is no longer needed.

Short story, I enabled my restricted driver, removed XGL session, and enable effect appearance. However, I cant enable some plugin as it won’t save whatever setting I made. After research after research and test after test, I finally find the solution. I want to link to all the resources I found but I realise some site can be down when you need it the most. So I compile and rewrite it here (http://blog.rim3y.net/zero/?page_id=532). Credits goes to Michael37.

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