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Neither a nerd nor a geek. Just born techie.

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Facebook + Tab + WordPress

So, I want to create a new Facebook Tab App to one of my supported Facebook Page. I know there are a lot of tutorials out there, but I have my own unique requirements.

  • Create Facebook Tab App that point to external self-hosting page/site.
  • Edit and manage the pointed self-hosting page/site manually without editing through Facebook.
  • Self-hosting page/site is using WordPress.

What we/you need are:

  • Facebook Page, and you are the Admin of that Page.
  • Facebook App that you need to create via Facebook Developer.
  • Self-hosted site through WordPress.

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XBOX 360 2009Update

I had mention several new updates for Xbox 360. It really is wow. This update will be available soon this month or at least end of this year.

The latest update is wireless support for WPA2, which is good since Iā€™m using wireless network with WPA2.

DSC02264    DSC02229


My avatar playing with the prop, and more stuff at Spotlight.

DSC02251   DSC02247

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The New Application "ENEMYBOOK" For Facebook

Wah… just got the information about this new application that is called Enemybook. Kind of cool on how people can come up with this idea. Integrated with Facebook thus the Facebook account is totally a MUST!

Care to know more?? Here we go…

Enemybook is a Facebook app that allows you to manage your enemies as well as your friends. With Enemybook you can add people as facebook enemies, specify why they are your enemies, notify your enemies, see who lists you as an enemy, and even become friends with the enemies of your enemies. Ever wanted to “enemy” somebody instead of friend them? Finally you can. This app remedies the one-sided perspective of Facebook.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer… (From Enemybook Website)

Check it out guys! It is kind of cute and “cali-cali”.