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Feature: Get those 3D perspective picture

Updated – 24th Feb 2008
Remember some of the post that have those perspective look picture? OK, so we going to make:

From this   To this
image   image

Tools needed:

  • Things you need to screen capture
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3


  1. Start your Adobe Photoshop CS3 (I’m going to call it CS3 as of this step)
  2. To capture a screen press PrtScr, or ALT + PrtScr for active window only
  3. Then in CS3, File > New > OK, then paste it by go to Edit > Paste
  4. Now, let us make the canvas a bit bigger so that it is easy to work with the next task. To do that go to Image > Canvas Size
    I recommend that the new canvas size is double of the original image size
  5. Next zoom out (Ctrl + -) a bit so that you can see your image properly
  6. Make a copy of the current image; by holding ALT, click and drag the image. This will create a second image on the second layer
  7. Re-arrange your image so that it is easy to work with later, by putting original image on the top and duplicated image on the bottom
  8. Now you need to flip the duplicated image. Select the duplicated image, then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical
  9. Select the duplicated image again, make sure you are using “marquee tool”, right click it and choose “Free Transform”.
    Immediately you’ll see a border with small square box around the image. You can drag the middle-bottom square upward, or fill-in the height on the box on the top of your workspace.
    You need to resize it to 50% height, and 100% width. Then arrange it so that it align with the original image
  10. Next is the reflection. While still in duplicated image layer, go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All. By doing that you are creating a layer mask
    image   image
  11. Make sure you set your foreground colour is white and background colour is black
    image  image
  12. Next select gradient button
    image  image
  13. While holding Shift, drag your mouse from the center of the original image to the center of the duplicated image
    Now you’ll see that your image have its reflection
  14. Now you need to merge these images. On the layer toolbar, choose original image and duplicated image
    image  image
  15. Right click it and choose Merge Layers. Now you will only see 1 layer


  16. Next is perspective. Choose the current layer, then go to Edit > Transform > Perspective. Now you’ll see 8 square boxes at every side of your image
  17. Drag any of this boxes to form your perspective look. For my case I drag the lower right box and pull it up. To finish click the check button on the top
     image  image
  18. To finish off, resize the canvas size with width to original width (800) and height to 1.5 of original height (600 + 300 = 900)

You’re done! Let us know if you need help.

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